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Any young adult cancer survivors needing respite, be sure to register first on our website by heading over to the JOIN US page.

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"My request was somewhat last minute, but Lindsey did everything she could to make sure I had the best possible experience. The seats were great, the energy was electric, and I got to see one of my favorite artists put on an amazing show! A quick trip to Vegas was the last summer vacation I had planned for myself before work gets really hectic for me, so being able to share this experience with my boyfriend as a “thank you for putting up with me” excursion was the perfect way to end our trip. Thank you to Rae of Hope & YASU for creating a variety of opportunities for relaxation to forget the troubles of what it means to be a survivor."

Jamika Williams

September 3, 2022
Usher Las Vegas Residency

"I received this respite trip at the time when I needed it the most. I have been dealing with chronic health issues for years that were the result of the long-term effects of the chemotherapy and radiation I received from battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma three times. I have been pushing through pain and dealing with other very stressful events for years. I reached a point where I could no longer function because I ran out of reserves. 

Rae of Hope was able to provide me with an overnight stay and spa services at Bedford Springs. I was in such a low place that I could not take care of myself, and desperately needed to have someone take care of me, even if briefly. The total body exfoliation and massage that I received made me feel relaxed for the first time in over a year. The massage also helped to release emotions that I had been storing in my body with tension for a long time.

Upon return from this respite trip, I had  enough energy restored that I was able to start implementing the self care strategies that needed to be implemented for me to heal. The effects of treatment change our bodies forever. Some of us deal daily with pain, fatigue, cognitive changes, and many other side effects from treatment that don’t go away when treatment ends. These trips are so vital in helping those of us in treatment, as well as those of us who are dealing with the long-term effects of treatment, to feel a ray of hope that things won’t always feel the way they feel right now." 

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Christine Sherman

August 18, 2022 to August 19, 2022

Bedford Springs Resort

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"We loved our experience at The Inn at Christmas Place! First things first, the whole hotel is decorated for Christmas all year round (which we enjoy since we love this holiday), and there were even visits with Santa every day - an added bonus for children! More specifically, my family wanted to have an enjoyable trip, which allowed us to get away and just relax together.


These are things that we usually never get to do in usual life due to my cancer treatments and appointments. We loved swimming in the hotel pool, going out to local restaurants, and having cookies every night from Mrs. Claus. We also took a 20 minute trip to Gatlinburg to experience the Wild Bear Falls Water Park for another swimming adventure.


I am so grateful to YASU for providing Rae of Hope to cancer survivors. It was such a relief to be with my husband and my son; all we wanted was to spend time together without having to think about cancer, and I couldn't have done it without YASU's support."

Megen Harmon

August 4, 2022 to August 7, 2022
The Inn at Christmas Place, Pigeon Forge, TN 

Fannie was able to enjoy an overnight stay at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos with her family. They were able to spend the day at the waterpark and also enjoy bowling and the arcade. 

"Our respite trip was a relaxing and fun day for my family and I. We didn’t think about anything else but spending time as a family and enjoying a day of fun activities! We all felt tired on the ride home but a good tired and my kids want to go back already!" 

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Fannie Seng

July 22, 2022 to July 23, 2022
Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos, PA

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Shannon, 40, a Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer survivor, was able to take a friend to dinner and enjoy VIP tickets to the New Kids on the Block Concert. After she was joined by children to spend the night at The Cambria Hotel. 

"Being able to go to the NKOTB concert helped me forget all my worries for a night and just be myself with my friend Terra. Not having to worry about the money to pay for it all, and leaving everything up to Yasu and Rae of Hope, was wonderful! I felt so happy from the whole experience and the happiness is lasting especially when thinking about it and looking back with the pictures. I don't think I could stop smiling the whole time!"

Shannon Kiro

July, 19, 2022 to July 20, 2022

New Kids on the Block Concert

"It was amazing! We happened to stay the night and there was also a wedding. So on top of the already amazing experience we got to enjoy watching an outdoor wedding, wedding music and a fireworks show. The drive out there alone was stunning, and I probably would have been satisfied just to do that. But I could not believe it when we walked into the room. The water view was phenomenal! The room had a huge soaking tub (I may have taken 2 baths over the course of our overnight). The bed was so comfortable. The massage was the best I've ever experienced. My husband (who is not actually a fan of massages) agreed that it was amazing. The food was the best I've ever tasted.


It was so nice just to have no responsibilities but spending time together. We were able to take several hikes and reconnect with nature and each other. We were able to rest and recharge. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience and I feel so blessed to have been able to participate in it. I felt ready to take on the world again once it was over. Actually, that's not true. I was ready to move in there and stay forever, but knowing I needed to get back to reality, I was ready. It was so amazing to just be, and not forced to deal with the realities of my everyday life as it is now. I am telling every young adult with cancer I know about YASU and the Rae of Hope respite program. It is something everyone should get a chance to experience."

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Jenney (with husband Jerad)

June 27, 2022 to June 28, 2022

Alderbrook Resort and Spa

Overnight stay at the resort, couples massage and dinner 

"A million thanks to YASU and the Rae of Hope Foundation for helping to fulfill a year-long dream.

Last year, while I was stuck at home and preparing for a stem cell transplant, my partner and I daydreamed about staying at the beautiful Oak Bay Beach Hotel on Vancouver Island, celebrating the end of a long and difficult chapter with the beginning of a newer, brighter one.


Normally, we would’ve passed on the opportunity due to it being out of our price range…but after sharing the idea with our friends at YASU, they helped us book two free nights with the hotel’s best ocean view. In these two special days, I reconnected with nature, with travel, and with finding home in new places…even better, the experience opened my heart and mind to the new life I’ve spent years yearning for. The mineral baths and spa treatments didn’t hurt either!


If you’re a current or former patient dreaming of a trip or experience that would bring hope, joy, relief, or a simple boost of energy, don’t hesitate to reach out to this impactful organization. The highlight of our year, no doubt!"

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Sean (with partner Minka)

April 16, 2022 to April 18, 2022

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

two nights in an oceanfront room 

"Knowing I had a weekend away at a spa with my best friend lifted my spirits like you wouldn’t believe. This spa/resort has everything covered you could possibly think of! From our delicious lunch to our luxurious room, everything was perfect. The spa treatments were such a treat and not only did I feel completely at peace, but the massage relieved all of my chronic pain. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me that I will never forget! We both smiled all weekend long!"

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March 5, 2022 to March 6, 2022
Bedford Springs Resort and Spa
Overnight stay, dinner, massage and pedicures

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July 5, 2022 to July 6, 2022

The Grand Resort

Overnight stay at the resort, massage, facial, manicure and pedicure and dinner

"It was great! It helped me relax and give myself some breathing room. I've put my body through so much these past 2 years between my cancer diagnosis and my weight loss. It was so nice to have the spa treatments to get my physical body to calm down a bit. It takes a lot to get me to slow down (mentally and emotionally), over the past couple months I have truly been going through a lot of stress and anguish so to just have a day where my mind would stop racing about things I need to do, could of done and just be at peace and in the moment was incredible. I slept a lot deeper that night than I have in months, even though I still got about the same amount of sleep, it was a lot more restful than I get at home. The resort felt so high class and everyone working was super kind and helpful, even after the little hiccup we had when checking in with my card. It's the first time I felt like I could breathe in months! Thank you again <3"

"It was just a much needed break. It was nice to get away for the weekend and just be able to literally take a break from cancer and the stressors that come with it."

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March 11, 2022 to March 13, 2022
Buhl Mansion Guesthouse and Spa
Two-night stay and massage

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"Our couples retreat away was refreshing, restful, and peaceful. My hubby and I got to reconnect as a couple as we walked the beach, talking and laughing. We got to forget about cancer and the daily pressures we experience. We are forever thankful for this opportunity ❤️"


March 15, 2022 to March 22, 2022

Stay in Siesta Keys, FL

Jamie, a YA (young adult) Breast Cancer Survivor said, "I had an amazing time away! It was much needed. I had a glorious massage that made me feel really relaxed. I finally enjoyed a stress free weekend with my boyfriend David, thanks to YASU."

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December 3-4, 2021

Overnight stay at the Grand Resort & Spa 

Lauren Rogus, a 22 year old, is coping with 2 cancers simultaneously; one of which is extremely rare. As a 22 year old woman still living with her parents, staying home due to her illness and Covid, she wasn't able to venture out for a Rae of Hope experience. Instead we brought respite to her by sponsoring a gift certificate for her to furnish a new doll house she was gifted.

"Oh my goodness! I was so surprised when I opened up a HUGE gift certificate to the dollhouse store! I started crying. I felt so blessed! Thank you so much!!! I can’t thank you all enough for such a special gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so shocked I became speechless! I can’t wait to start furnishing my doll house! I appreciate YASU's support Tand for being there for me. It makes me feel less alone, especially since Covid restricts me from leaving the house." 

Lauren Rogus.jpg

Gift certificate to furnish new doll house



November 22-23, 2021

Overnight stay at Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Kasandra, her husband and their 2 sons had the best time and a much needed break from life as a stage 4 YA Breast Cancer Survivor: "The Rae of Hope respite day experience was amazing! Leading to the experience, my family and I were exhausted from all that is tied to my metastatic breast cancer diagnosis and struggled to break away from the day-to-day repetitive tasks that brought us little joy. I yearned for something to get us out of our challenging routine and help us appreciate our time together as a family.

My respite day helped change our mindset and let us concentrate on what is most important: making memories together as a family. We enjoyed pool time, fireworks, thrilling rides, and even a dance party while at Disney.

As a mother, I was able to see the amazement and excitement that Disney brought my children, which was incredibly heartwarming, but more importantly, it helped my husband and me find a better balance in our day-to-day lives. While we still accomplish our daily responsibilities, we are much more conscious of planning special family time to better appreciate our moments together and create joyful memories that will last a lifetime." 

Jenelle didn't let Breast Cancer stop her from making some amazing memories with her family of 6 at the Kalahari Indoor Water Park! Jenelle said, "It was amazing and very much needed as I have recently been diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer. It was just what we needed. It allowed us to have fun together again and was a real pick me up for us all! We feel so blessed and are so thankful for the Rae of Hope program, making this happen for us."

6B5D3607-76D4-4748-98C5-8579FF7C0F2D - Jenelle Gordon.jpeg


February 20-22, 2022

Overnight stay at the Kalahari Indoor Water Park

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Nikki, a 2x Breast Cancer Survivor and die hard Steelers fan attended Big Ben's last home game with her husband and said, "I'd like to sincerely thank Young Adult Survivors United and the Rae of Hope program for this amazing opportunity!! I’m a Steeler through and through and to witness this moment is something I can’t put into words! Most epic & special game I’ve ever attended!

The Omni William Penn Hotel was nothing short of incredible! To embrace my team and the city without having to rush home, a feeling I can’t describe! I am so grateful for this opportunity and everyone that made it possible for me and my husband to enjoy this night watching my favorite team!!

It was such an amazing moment that I can’t put into words! This was definitely an opportunity of a lifetime, thank you so much again for making it happen!"


January 3rd, 2022

Heinz Field (Steelers game) and overnight stay at the Omni William Penn Hotel

image3 - Hilary Flint.jpeg

Hilary and her partner soaked up R&R with massages and dinner at the historic Bedford Springs! She put all the stress that stage 3 Renal Cell Carcinoma has caused and said, "I’m lucky to find support in an organization like YASU, who “gets it.” They recently sent me on a weekend trip to Bedford Springs with my partner. I had thought that it was going to be an opportunity to forget about my journey, but instead I took time to remember. To think. To feel. To process.


While there I had a bath ritual and massage at the spa, attended a meditation class, walked through nature and drank from the natural springs. I had vouchers to get free coffee in the mornings and YASU treated my partner and I to a fabulous dinner in the crystal room. Instead of escaping, I realized that it's okay to be a different person today than I was before cancer. That’s a vital part of *my* journey in this lifetime. I’ll constantly be in a state of transformation, of processing, of mourning.


YASU gave me a chance to reflect and realize that “surviving” cancer is a never ending journey, and that’s okay. I'm forever grateful to YASU, everyone who works there and everyone I've met through the organization!"


February 11-12, 2022

Overnight stay at Bedford Springs, PA

Lizzie, an Osteosarcoma survivor chose to spend quality time at home with her significant other and daughter as she received Christmas gifts for her family, and sweaters to keep her warm throughout winter. Lizzie has battled the trials and tribulations caused by cancer with a heart of gold and strength like steel. 

She said, "Rae of hope is an amazing program that helped me make a holiday possible for my family and my girl Ruby to have a beautiful Christmas morning. I felt very grateful and happy that Rae of HOPE helped make this Christmas so memorable. Thank you so much!"

20211224_181737 - Lizzie Rogers.jpg


December 14, 2021

Home Sweet Home

SPA - Danelle Yerkey.jpg

Denelle is a breast cancer survivor whose world is devoted to her young daughter. As you know, parents need a break; especially after all she's endured as a YA cancer survivor! Denelle released every ounce of stress with a massage, facial, and hair done at the Sirius Day Spa.


After her experience she said, "Getting my spa treatment was very special. After having major anxiety about finding another lump in my breast, I really needed some self-care and relaxation. It has been a hard time. I realized while on the table that I never get much quiet time, not just in life... but in my HEAD. It's always so chaotic and stressed. It was amazing to unwind, meditate, and feel rejuvenated. Thank you to everyone involved!! xo."


January 20, 2022

Spa Day at the Sirius Day Spa

Gillian and her best friend had the best time unwinding at this overnight respite trip! After overcoming breast cancer and still working a full-time job while caring for her son, Gillian needed and deserved this break. She said, "This trip was such a wonderful way to unwind and feel pampered for a weekend. I truly had forgotten what self care was for a while, and it was such an amazing and much needed weekend away with my best friend! It’s been so hard to get together since the pandemic hit while I was going through cancer treatment, and this is just what we both needed to be able to reconnect and relax!"



February 18-19, 2022

Dinner, Facials, and

Overnight Stay at the Le Méridien Columbus, The Joseph



February 2, 2022

Hidden Valley Ski Resort

Mandy, a Breast Cancer Survivor is likely the biggest fan of skiing among anyone you know! Thanks to Rae of Hope, she spent an entire day on the slopes and said, "I cannot thank YASU, Rae of Hope & Rae's family enough for this amazing gift. I'm still in some ways trying to process the overwhelming generosity. 

I started skiing when I was 5 years old, my most favorite place has always been in the mountains. Since I was diagnosed with TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) at 37 in 2017, I haven't done much skiing. Last season I could literally hear the mountains calling my name. I put on the most uncomfortable boots in the world, stepped into those bindings and away I went. It was like riding a bike, pure joy and peace.

Going into this season I didn't make any commitments, season pass-wise, as I was caring for my elderly uncle. I lost him on Thanksgiving morning 2021. Those mountains were speaking much louder now...
I didn't ask for much help during cancer treatments/surgery/post surgery and years afterwards. Partially because when you're in it, you're just focused on fighting your ass off and you have no idea what you need, want, or what your body will allow you to have. But Rae of Hope spoke to me...just like those mountains.

I was friends with Raelene and still to this day miss her terribly. I miss her smile, laugh and awesome text messages. I needed an escape, I needed a way to process, grieve, be alone and just BE. I literally heard Rae's voice telling me to go to my happy place, now it may not have been her most ideal spot since it wasn't poolside, but layering up is my idea of bliss!

I anxiously applied for a season pass to ski at Hidden Valley...remember I'm not that great at asking for things! Snow started to finally fall after the first of the year. I cried when I got the email letting me know that a pass was waiting for me at the office. And I've been loving it ever since!

There are few things that I love more than being on a ski lift, hearing the skis glide below you, checking out your next run and what side to come down, the utter beauty of Mother Nature. I love the peace in the mountains and how everything disappears once I'm locked into those bindings. It makes my soul smile and fills my heart with joy. I come home sore, exhausted and alive every single time. It feels like a new part of me awakes with each run.

Thank you Rae...thank you for that last message."