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Increasing Support Within the YASU Community

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About the Program

YASU collaborated with occupational therapy students at the University of Pittsburgh to develop and implement a new Mentorship Program!

Our goal is to always increase and strengthen support within the YASU community. In this program, interested individuals will complete a survey that tells us all of the important things about you and your cancer journey. The information collected will help us match you with a mentor/mentee that is a great fit for you! 

Are you interested but want to know more?


Explore the ‘Mentors’ and ‘Mentees’ tabs to learn more about each role, responsibilities, time commitment, and other expectations when participating in this program.

Am I a Mentor or Mentee?

Mentor: I was diagnosed at least 1 year ago, and I would like to offer support


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Mentee: I was diagnosed less than 1 year ago, and I would like to receive support

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We'd like to offer a big thank you to the students at University or Pittsburgh's Doctor of Occupational Therapy program whose hard work and expertise helped develop and jump-start this program!


Students and YASU staff at one of our WigOut events

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