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What is a Mentor?

A mentor is an individual who guides another person by building a strong foundation of trust and modeling positive behaviors. A mentor is someone who their mentee can confide in when seeking advice and support from someone who can surely relate. An effective mentor understands their role and is dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned in to the needs of their mentee. Despite these guidelines, a mentorship should be an opportunity to give back, support someone just like you would've wanted to during your initial experience after being diagnosed with cancer as a young adult.

The Roles of a Mentor

  • Provide individualized support and guidance for newly diagnosed cancer survivors

  • Become a role model for your mentee 

  • Encourage mentees to stay active within the YASU community through support groups, events, etc. 

  • Provide a safe environment for your mentee to feel comfortable sharing

  • Maintain confidentiality 

  • Focus on the mentee’s development and how you can facilitate a positive experience

  • Be reliable and consistent in your role 

  • Be understanding of difficulties your mentee is facing 

  • Set goals to ensure that both parties are gaining from the mentorship

Time Commitment


Time commitment is something that is taken into consideration when making your match. The survey that we use as the tool to match you with your mentee will ask you for your availability and what your ideal time commitment to this mentorship could look like. While time commitment to this mentorship may be different for each pairing, there is still a baseline time commitment that is required to be successful in this program. You should be able to check in with your mentee at least once a month. If you do not feel like you can dedicate one check-in per month, explore other opportunities to get involved in YASU as a better option for you at this point in your journey.

Matching Survey

DISCLAIMER: We will try our best, but we cannot guarantee that there will be someone who is also participating in this program who is the perfect match for you. You may be contacted by the YASU Mentorship Committee to notify you that you have been put in a ‘mentor bank’ wherein they will match you up with a mentee when someone enrolls in the program who is a good fit for you.

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